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Acceptable Recycling Reminder
Are You Following These Guidelines?

Original Release: 10/10/2022

A blue Lyndhurst recycling cart rests at the end of a resident driveway.

 The City's current recycling agreement allows us to accept the following items, place these items in the Blue Cart:

  • Metal food & beverage cans - emptied & rinsed

  • Glass food & beverage bottles & jars - emptied & rinsed (any color, replace lids)

  • Plastic bottles and jugs (no motor oil bottles) - emptied, rinsed and replace cap

  • Paper & cardboard (no shredded paper)

 Plastics We Recycle - Place Loosely into Blue Cart:

  • Plastic bottles and jugs - If it is not shaped like a bottle or jug, with an opening or a neck that's narrower than the body, place it in the regular rubbish.

 Plastics We Do Not Recycle - Put into Rubbish Cart:

There are plastics we do not recycle because there are no markets for the material, and the materials recovery facility will not accept them.

Do not recycle the following plastics:

  • All plastics other than bottles & jugs

  • Plastic bags, film or wrap - (Plastic bags wrap around the wheels of machinery at the materials recovery facility, which eventually shuts down the facility.)

  • Plastic, single-use cups or berry and produce containers. These thermoform plastics are brittle and break apart while moving through the facility.)

  • Flower pots. Empty plastic flower pots, packs and flats should be reused or placed in the rubbish for disposal.

  • Plastic blister packaging. These thermoform plastics are brittle and break apart while moving through the recycling plant. The loose pieces will end up contaminating the glass or paper.

  • Styrofoam packaging, Styrofoam cups and Styrofoam food containers.

  • Plastic utensils

  • Plastic Buckets or Pails - Consider reuse before placing into the rubbish

  • Clothes hangers (plastic and metal)

  • Empty motor oil and antifreeze jugs. These containers may have residue of the hazardous materials they held and should be placed in the rubbish, for proper disposal.

 Paper Recycling:

In addition to newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and corrugated cardboard, you can use the Blue Recycling Cart to recycle these paper products:

  • Pizza boxes

  • Junk Mail

  • Paper grocery bags

  • Envelopes

  • Office and computer paper

  • Phone and paper backed books

  • Cereal and cracker boxes

  • Soda Cases etc.

  • Paper egg cartons

  • Magazines (including glossy print)

 There Are Certain Papers That We Cannot Recycle:

  • Wax coated boxes (i.e. milk cartons, juice boxes)

  • Wet or soiled paper and cardboard

  • Shredded paper

  • Hard bound books

 Single Stream Recycling Tips:

  • Flatten your cardboard boxes and place them inside your recycling cart. If your cart is full and you have more cardboard please flatten and cut down to a 3' x 3' size, tied into manageable bundles and place next to your cart.

  • Do not put plastic bags in your recycling cart.

  • Flattening boxes, cans and plastic bottles will save space in your cart for other recyclables.

  • Do not put rubbish, pet waste or yard waste in your Blue Recycling Cart.

☛ Carts containing rubbish or yard waste will not be collected! ☚

 Most Common Recycling Errors:

  • Using recycling cart for rubbish.

  • Putting recycling in old buckets, bins or rubbish cans that we assume is rubbish.

  • Not putting or placing recycling in a separate area - please place at least three feet from obstacles or other containers.

  • Not cleaned or rinsed out - no food residue

  • No window glass, ceramic dishes or cups.

  • No small appliances - coffee makers, toasters, etc.

  • No plastic buckets, bins, pails, rubbish cans, broken laundry baskets, rubbish can lids, milk crates, pop cases, etc.

  • No Styrofoam (whole pieces or peanuts).

  • Do not hide unacceptable items in recycling or rubbish: Paint, Styrofoam, etc.


Information provided by: The City of Lyndhurst, Ohio
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