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Clear The Fire Hydrant And Save Lives

Original Release: 2/4/2022

Photo of a fire hydrant almost completely buried in snow.

Lasting cold and repeated snowstorms can keep snow banks mounting. As snow plows clear the roads for travel, some of that snow may get pushed on top of fire hydrants.

When hydrants are buried in snow and difficult to access, it can hinder firefighters' efforts to put out a blaze.

What You Need To Know

➜ A fire can double in size every minute.

➜ A fire truck typically carries a limited supply of 500 to 1,000 gallons of water.

➜ Fire fighters can't battle flames as quickly if hydrants are blocked or buried.

➜ Keeping fire hydrants clear is crucial to saving lives.

While fire trucks do carry water, it may not be enough to completely put out a fire. This is why it's important to keep the continuous water flow from hydrants available.

Hydrants buried in snow are difficult to see and access, all of which wastes time. In the moments it takes for firefighters to dig a path to a hydrant, the fire could double in size.


➜ Clear at least three feet in all directions around the hydrant.

➜ Make a path from the road to the hydrant.

➜ Never park in front of a fire hydrant.

With plenty of snow yet to come this winter, you may wish to revisit your snow shoveling methods before you head out.

As the next snowstorm arrives, it's not just your driveway and walkway that need clearing. Don't forget to dig out space around your local fire hydrant.

Thank you!


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