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From the Lyndhurst Fire Department
Spring 2022 Annual Hydrant Program and Other Updates

Original Release: 5/20/2022

Lyndhurst Fire Department logo. A Fire Hydrant. An enclosed outside burn. New Lyndhurst Fire House.

With the onset of Spring, the Lyndhurst Fire Department will be starting its Annual Hydrant Program. Our hydrant painter will be starting her work in May with initial priority on the any new hydrants. Then she will tackle any hydrants identified during our annual hydrant maintenance and flushing program that are in most need of attention across the city.

Generally, our program ends when the school year begins but our painter this year will continue the process into the fall to get as many hydrants completed prior to the weather turning.

We do want to provide this friendly reminder that all open burning requires a permit and approval from the Fire Department. Construction materials, yard waste, including fallen leaves are not permitted to be burned at any time. Outdoor recreational fires must be in an approved fire pit or container with smoke not creating a nuisance or it may be required to be extinguished. Please be considerate of your neighbors that may have respiratory concerns that may be impacted by smoke from any open burning.

The Cleveland Metro Parks will be conducting a controlled burn on the Acacia Reservation Property to control invasive plant species and to control undergrowth on the property. This is a very limited burn area with Metro Parks Rangers on site the entire time and Lyndhurst Fire Department personnel on call or on site for support if needed. The controlled burn is limited to a small area of the park that has the most concerns identified by the Metro Parks.

Lastly, with the major decrease in COVID cases in the County, the Fire Department is now open for tours of the new fire station which can be scheduled by contacting the Fire Department non-emergency number at (440) 473-5139 ☎.


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