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From the Mayor's Office
April 2022

Original Release: 4/15/2022

Photo of City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Mayor Patrick A. Ward.

The sights and smells of spring are back with signs of new life all around; trees are budding, grass is growing (not too high) — you get the picture. When we talk with residents there is an air of optimism as all look forward to breaking the pandemic's stranglehold on our daily lives. For the most part I believe we have managed well but there remain many unknowns that could impact us.

The image on this issue's cover and the accompanying tag-line indicate how, like kites, we can rise higher in the face of adversity. Events of the past two years have tested our resolve and resilience causing many to quickly reinvent how things are done. There are businesses that could not survive the many challenges but for those who have there is greater purpose for the owners, their employees and the community; it is an obligation to carry on, to fill the gaps and to provide that product or service to the community.

Our City Council and my Administration have spent the past few months preparing, as is done each year, the annual budget and a vision for the programs that serve you. The attention is always on what provides those best programs and those best services possible for our residents and community. I want you to know how very lucky we are to have people serving us who can maintain a selfless focus — we are a bit unique in that regard.

I am looking forward to our upcoming Mayor's Young at Heart, our summer concerts and other events — which you will find listed on the calendar in this issue. We have a nice line-up of entertainers for the concerts and encourage all to bring a picnic dinner or snacks, perhaps some wine or craft brew, and we'll provide the ice cream dessert! As always it is our privilege to be of service to you and our community.

Lyndhurst Life Magazine April 2022 Issue. The central kite pictured on the cover bears the colors of the Ukrainian flag which really stood out to us when designing this issue.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian People during this most difficult and tragic time in their history.



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