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From the Mayor's Office
November 2021

Original Release: 11/29/2021

Photo of City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Mayor Patrick A. Ward.

Here we are, gearing up for the Holiday Season and the dawn of a New Year, one I am looking forward to with hope and optimism. So many things have yet to get back to normal and so many things that have changed are not so bad. It is truly a mixed bag. The one thing I have noticed we all need to practice is a little more patience and show a lot more gratitude for workers who are doing all they can to serve us, no matter the capacity, in restaurants and stores. Most businesses are running shorthanded and their workers are generally working longer hours, so let's all try to recognize the challenge and the great effort those businesses that are open and those workers who are working are putting forth.

I have said it before often, and it bears repeating — I appreciate how much our staff, in every City Department, has done to maintain a high level of service to our residents. It has at times required creativity and juggling yet we have managed. I am proud of what our employees do for our residents, how much thought and personal initiative is devoted to every service we provide. We have an awesome staff.

This time of year gives us opportunity to give thanks and to, perhaps even give a little of ourselves maybe right here in our Community. We have some wonderfully generous residents who volunteer their time and talents to make great things happen, whether it be the Meals on Wheels Program, Food Distributions for our Community Partnership on Aging, our Lyndhurst Home Day or other City events there are those who take the time to give back and without whom many things could not happen. My most heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one!

This past year, we had our normal offering of events and I marvel at how many residents have come out for every one! Our Halloween event, Trick-or-Treat-Trail (see the pictures in this issue) was no exception with well over 500 having an amazing time in spite of the rain! Each City Department, our City Council and our Court hosted a decorated tent along the trail which was absolutely wonderful! Again, our staff, our Council and our Judge doing extra to engage and enjoy our wonderful Community.

Our City Council has gone back to in-person meetings, as required by law, and the audience is still small, probably because our City's business is conducted in a concise, business-like fashion, absent the drama, the politics or theatrics written about elsewhere. In that regard I think we are very fortunate.

The coming year is one, as I said previously, that I am looking forward to with optimism. We have four new Police Officers — as you may read about in this issue — a newer firefighter and several new faces in our Service Department. Each one has come with energy and enthusiasm which excites us all. We have hired some great candidates!

As always, my hope is for you and yours to experience all that the Holiday Season has to offer with gratitude, good health and joy.


Patrick A. Ward
Mayor, City of Lyndhurst, Ohio
(440) 442-5777


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