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Please Lock Your Vehicle and Take Your Keys With You! Do Not Leave Valuables in Your Vehicle... Even in Your Driveway!

Original Release: 10/14/2021

A STOP Sign with a hand up reads, 'Did you lock your vehicle doors?'

Are you aware that the easiest way to prevent your vehicle or your personal belongings from being stolen is to LOCK IT?

Please LOCK your vehicle and TAKE your keys with you!

DO NOT leave valuables in your vehicle... even in your driveway!

Close your garage, lock your vehicle - even inside your garage. Lock your doors (vehicle and house), make sure your vehicle does not start with your keys when they are inside your house.

It takes thought and may be a little extra work, but thieves are looking to take any vehicle, cash, laptop, iPad, etc., and an unlocked vehicle with the keys inside is just an invitation to take the whole thing!

IF you SEE or HEAR anything suspicious - especially at night - please contact the Police Department at (440) 442-1234 ☎ or dial 911 in an emergency.


Information provided by: The City of Lyndhurst, Ohio
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