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A Reminder About Pets

Original Release: 6/2/2021

A variety of dog breeds in addition to a cat and a hamster.

With the onset of warmer weather comes the time for some reminders about our pets and what the Ordinances of the City require:

Dogs running at large and residents not picking up after their pets are the two most popular complaints received.

In addition to the fines one will face for a dog running at large there is potential liability should that dog attack another pet or person.

618.01 - Dogs and other animals running at large; Residents are required to keep pets on a leash when walking off their property, including in city parks.

Following the leash law helps keep our city streets and parks safe for all residents and their pets to enjoy! These violations carry a penalty of up to $250. Please be considerate of your neighbors.

618.095 - Dogs required to wear tags;

Helpful for a quick recovery if pets get loose or away from owner/residence.

618.13 - Nuisance animals; no fowl permitted including chickens and roosters.

618.20 - Maximum number of dogs per single family household is 2.

618.24 - Feeding wildlife and stray animals is prohibited.

Thank you!


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