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Fabulous Food Truck Fridays
at the Lyndhurst Masonic Center
May 28th 2021 through October 29th 2021

Original Release: 5/7/2021

A young woman purchasing food from a Food Truck.

May 26th 2021 Update | Cancelled: While everyone involved in this project has done everything in their power to generate excitement to make this event happen, we have just learned that there is not enough food truck interest or availability currently to meet the demands of this event. And so, rather than postponing it yet again, we have made the decision to completely CANCEL it, for which we sincerely apologize. We will continue to work with our vendors and partner organizations in an attempt to schedule more events like this in the future.

May 7th 2021 Update | Postponed: Fabulous Food Truck Fridays, originally scheduled to begin Friday, May 7th 2021 , has been postponed and will now begin on Friday, May 28th 2021 .

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The change in schedule was required by circumstances outside of our control.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, May 28th 2021 for the launch of "Fabulous Food Truck Fridays!" Stay tuned for times and trucks!

The Food Trucks are coming!

Introducing Fabulous Food Truck Fridays!

The Lyndhurst Masonic Center located at 5516 Mayfield Road Google Maps icon. will soon be sponsoring weekly Food Truck events on Friday evenings, aptly named, "Fabulous Food Truck Fridays," from May 28th 2021 through October 29th 2021 in their huge parking lot next to Snow Brothers Appliance!

Official times and the weekly assortment of Food Truck Restauranteurs will be posted on the City's ENews and other media outlets.

Keep an eye out for your favorite Food Truck or cuisine at these great Food events!

An array of delicious Food Truck cuisines.


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