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2021 State of the City Address
May 17th 2021

Original Release: 4/23/2021

Lyndhurst Gazebo on the left. Mayor Patrick A. Ward on the right.


2021 State of the City Address by Mayor Patrick A. Ward, City of Lyndhurst, Ohio


Monday, May 17th 2021  immediately following the regular Council Meeting which begins at 7:30 PM.


City Facebook Page.


On Monday, May 17th 2021 , immediately following a short meeting of your City Council, Mayor Patrick Ward will present his bi-annual State of the City address which will be broadcast live on the City's Facebook Page and later posted on other City outlets.

Residents having questions they might like addressed as part of the Mayor's presentation should contact City Council's Clerk, Kelly Miller, at City Hall for instructions. She can be reached via email at ✉ or by phone at (440) 449-3747 ☎.

We hope you have time to tune in live or to view this important address later as your schedules permit.


➤ Mayor's Office

2021 City of Lyndhurst, Ohio State of the City Address:


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