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Another Scam Warning! From The Desk of Mayor Patrick A. Ward

Original Release: 2/19/2021

Envelopes with documents. Spam slert. Email fraud. Phishing attempt.

Another SCAM Warning!!

It is now almost daily I read reports about residents receiving notices about fraudulent Unemployment Claims being filed in their names. They are receiving IRS Form 1099-G indicating benefits were paid them or receiving a US Bank Relia-Card Debit Card which they did not request.

Should you receive any such notice please DO NOT discard it. Contact our Lyndhurst Police Department to file a report. If you receive an unsolicited Debit Card that has your name on it DO NOT throw it out and DO NOT activate it!! Contact the issuing bank to cancel it and ask which state issued the card and contact our Police Department to file a report.

The fact that you have received a notice, or a card indicates your information has been stolen and is at risk of further exploitation by criminals.

The Lyndhurst Police Department does have information on steps you can take to report this activity and to protect your personal information and credit.

The reporting does take some time but many of the steps available to protect your personal credit are free.

Please take any such information seriously and protect your identity and your family accordingly.

Mayor Patrick A. Ward
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio


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