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From the Mayor's Office
August 2020

Original Release: 9/8/2020

Photo of City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Mayor Patrick A. Ward.

Summer is nearly behind us, will we even notice the transition? Pools did not open, vacations, celebrations and other activities were cancelled, school will be virtual along with a lot of other things; many folks are working from home and life continues to be redefined regularly. Instead of the "new normal" we must adjust to the "new different" which is challenging.

We have been able to host a few outdoor Concerts in the Park — with everyone properly socially distanced — people just enjoying the opportunity to at least be in one location as good neighbors love to do.

At this time of year I am typically writing in anticipation of our wonderful, annual, Home Day Weekend which is another thing the pandemic has affected — (heavy sigh) it would have been our 95th consecutive event. Please stay tuned as we may, depending upon the weather, be able to pull off a one-day only concert event in Lyndhurst Park which will be posted in our ENews, broadcast via our Code Red call system and with signage around town. Fingers crossed on this one!

I must commend our employees who have come to work, every single day since the State of Emergency was announced, to serve our residents. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated public servants focused on getting the job done. They make me so proud.

Our City Council continues to meet virtually with those meetings broadcast via FaceBook Live on the City's FaceBook page https://www.facebook. com/CityOfLyndhurstOhio, so please try to tune in. The meetings are not long! The next City Council meeting is Tuesday, September 8th — because of the Labor Day Holiday — but are typically the first and third Mondays of each month.

We continue to be well-served by our local hospitals and I am grateful for their partnership. We receive regular updates from Dr. Richard Parker, President of Hillcrest Hospital who has been a tremendous resource for us as we monitor the COVID-19 Pandemic in our area and the progress being made to fight the disease globally. His dedication to keeping me and our area Mayors informed is a great asset and his staff's dedication to our residents' well-being, their expertise and preparedness, gives us confidence that they are ready to help us face this pandemic challenge.

These are trying times which require us to recognize the bias we each carry into every interaction. For our part I try to focus our attention upon our purpose to serve and our obligation to serve all equally. We are a "Community of Neighbors" and it is more than a tagline, it is who we are and I hear that regularly. Let's all remember to be neighborly. Look out for one another, be understanding and helpful because that is what defines us as community.


Mayor Patrick A. Ward
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio


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