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Did You Know? Property Tax Homestead Exemption Can Lower Your Taxes!

Original Release: 8/1/2020

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Are you aware of the Homestead Exemption credit that can lower the property tax bill for certain residents? You may qualify for the exemption if you are:

1. ➜ At least 65 years old


➜ Are determined to be permanently and totally disabled
➜ Are a Veteran who has been determined to have a total service related disability of 100%


➜ If you are surviving spouse

2. Own and occupy your home as your primary residence as of January 1st 2018

3. Qualify within the following income guidelines?

➜ $32,800 for 2019 (adjusted gross)
➜ $32,200 for 2018 (adjusted gross)

Residents can access information and the Homestead Exemption application online at:

Free assistance is available through Community Housing Solutions a non-profit organization that has partnered with the City of Lyndhurst to assist residents with free counseling and even assistance with needed home improvements. Community Housing Solutions can be contacted at (216) 231-5815 ☎ and, again, the assistance if totally free.

More information about the services Community Housing Solutions provides our Lyndhurst residents can be found in the last issue of Lyndhurst Life Magazine and may be featured in the next issue as well.


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