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A Note About Fireworks

Original Release: 6/30/2020

A mother and daughter enjoy 4th of July sparklers together.

➜ While new laws that may make fireworks legal in Ohio are being considered by State legislators, the selling, possessing, and discharging of consumer grade fireworks is still illegal in the State of Ohio, and the City of Lyndhurst.

➜ The surge in use of illegal fireworks can lead to dangerous injuries which include severe burns or worse. These injuries can be life-lasting and permanently disfiguring; they can cause blindness, eye and facial burns, and loss of digits, fingers, or hearing.

➜ They can be extremely disruptive for neighbors (who are typically trying to sleep), pets, and those who may suffer from PTSD.

➜ Additionally, the use of illegal fireworks can cause property damage up to, and including, house fires, putting families in danger and tying up valuable safety force resources.

➜ Trick and novelty fireworks - those that smoke, sparkle, snap and snake - are the only types of fireworks that can be legally discharged by consumers in the State of Ohio and the City of Lyndhurst. With that, even commonly used sparklers can be dangerous. They burn at 2,000 degrees - hot enough to melt some metals and ignite clothing or burn skin.

➜ Safer alternatives include glow sticks, confetti poppers, and colored streamers.

➜ Be careful to obey all local laws regarding the use of fireworks. Violations of the LCO's Fireworks Chapter 1519 are a misdemeanor of the first degree for a first offense (with the potential for monetary fines and jail time).

Wishing you a safe and happy 4th of July,


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