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From the Mayor's Office
June 2020

Original Release: 6/26/2020

Photo of City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Mayor Patrick A. Ward.

This writing comes to you far later than normal; it has been a very long few months. As we begin to venture forth from our isolation, armed with new and ever-changing disciplines and guidelines, we should have greater appreciation for every bit of freedom and personal interaction we can get. We should also continue to exercise caution, for ourselves and others, to contain any further spread of the COVID-19 virus. We have done very well so far and must continue — we are indeed in this together.

During this crisis there have been so many examples of our residents, our local businesses and our local organizations stepping up to help others. This is what defines "Community," this is what defines Lyndhurst. We should bear in mind that the war is most certainly not over and there will continue to be those who need our thoughts, prayers and support for many months to come. Continue to be mindful that the simplest of courtesies can make a big difference for others.

Each and every day, during this crisis, our employees have been at work assuring our residents are well served. We have managed to provide all of the services our residents expect from us, some with minor adjustment to keep our employees safe. Our City Council has been supportive of our employees' efforts as well. We have a great team and I am so very proud.

I have, over these past months, marveled at how fortunate we are to live in Ohio, especially Northeast Ohio, with the wealth of medical institutions, academia, charitable foundations and businesses that have stepped up, cooperatively not competitively, to assist in the fi ght against this virus. Our Governor and his team have channeled these resources to keep Ohioans as prepared as possible, as well supplied as possible and healthy as possible. The leadership that has been shown is unprecedented and envied across the country.

I do owe a shout-out to Dr. Richard Parker, president of Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital, who has given generously of his time continuously to update me and our area mayors on what it is his team at Hillcrest Hospital has been doing and the resources that they have in place to respond to COVID-19 patients as well as what preparations and resources the hospital system as a whole had in place to handle anything COVID related. His updates allow each of us to assure our residents that our Hillcrest area is well served, well supplied and well prepared.

There are those who might criticize the pace at which Ohio is getting back to work and opening up again. Many businesses may not reopen at all. Many of our residents may be looking for new employment. The impacts will be long lasting. It is important to recognize that these impacts are felt everywhere. Our citizens feel it the most, our businesses do as well. Our cities and counties have lost tremendous tax dollars as has our state; dollars that fund every essential service. So, in reality, the "in this together" means just that; from the Governor on down we all carry some burden from this pandemic and each day Ohio is not operating at its full capacity impacts programs that our Governor is passionate about so he does understand and only wants to do things right for all of us.

I urge everyone to please take every opportunity to shop our local shops and dine in our local restaurants. Those businesses that have managed to weather this time need us more than ever to survive and we need them as well. We have a very rich variety of dining options as well as a dynamic array of goods and services available right here in Lyndhurst! We will continue to try to promote them in our ENews and in this magazine. I hope all continue to be in good health and good spirits.


Mayor Patrick A. Ward
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio


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