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Lyndhurst Aquatic Facilities
Not to Open This Season
From the Desk of Mayor Patrick A. Ward

Original Release: 5/21/2020

A sign reads 'Pool Closed' with a life preserver acting as the 'O' in CLOSED.

Working with our Pool Director and our City Council we have been anxiously awaiting clear direction from the State on the operation of public pool facilities for many weeks now.

Last week it was announced that public pool facilities "may" open. Subsequently the County Board of Health published mandatory and recommended guidelines to be followed and incorporated the CDC's guidelines therein.

These extensive and difficult guidelines from the Board of Health and Centers for Disease Control for the operation of Aquatic Facilities, concern for the health of our employees, our residents and the general public, along with the challenges of operating Public pool facilities under such guidelines, has unfortunately led us to the very difficult decision not to open the Lyndhurst Aquatic Center or the Brainard Spray Park this season.

As a point of information, should anyone drive or walk by the Lyndhurst Pool they will notice it is in the final process of being re-coated which will require the pool to be filled for the coating to cure properly.

Mayor Patrick A. Ward
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio


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