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Archived: 6/19/2020

City of Lyndhurst, Ohio
Party Parade
Request for Presence

Original Release: 4/16/2020

A woman blows confetti into the camera as several people smile and laugh in the background.

Discontinued: As CDC and State guidelines are becoming more relaxed, a decision was made to end Pandemic Parades as of July 18th 2020. Thanks to all of you who have participated; I know I had a great time, as did our residents! I hope you all did as well!

➜ Mayor's Office

What is a Party Parade?

Due to the current pandemic and Stay at Home Orders issued by the State of Ohio Department of Health many residents have had their special celebrations interrupted/cancelled.

It has, therefore, become fashionable to host "Parades" in honor of those individuals' milestones to pass by the honoree's home at a prescribed time in strict observance of appropriate social distancing protocols.

Application and Submission:

If you would like to host a 'Party Parade" you can access the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Party Parade Request for Presence Form here, or within our Forms / Permits section.

Simply print, complete, and either drop it off at City Hall, or Fax it to (440) 442-1844 ░.


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