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A Message from Mayor Patrick A. Ward

Original Release: 4/9/2020

A triple panel illustration showcases beautiful themes from Passover, Easter and Ramadan.

As we all begin observing our various Spring Holiday traditions — such as those observances can be observed in this current environment — there may be a tendency to be saddened because we cannot gather to pray or to celebrate as we normally would. We cannot embrace our friends and extended family or dine together as we might have. Things are indeed different but I am confident this soon shall pass.

We should not lose sight of our traditions but look for ways to bring them to life within the confines of today's safe environment. Set the table and prepare the meals but dine virtually with others. Reach out to your neighbors who may have no one and perhaps bring them a meal — even a phone call may be a treat. Look for simple ways to make these Holidays enjoyable remembering what it is we have to be thankful for — mindful there are those, even in our own community, who are less fortunate.

Spring will bring us warmer days and hopefully relaxed regulations that will gradually return us to the "old normal" perhaps a bit more appreciative of those persons we now long to be with or those things we absolutely miss doing.

Please bear in mind the religious aspect of what it is we celebrate in our own ways at this time of year and the role God has in our lives.

From my family, at home and here at City Hall, to yours we extend our hope for many blessings upon you and our Community and our very best wishes for a Happy Passover, Happy Easter and Joyous Ramadan to each of you.

Mayor Patrick A. Ward
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio


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