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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #8
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio
From the Desk of Mayor Patrick A. Ward

Original Release: 4/7/2020

Text reads COVID-19 Update. A stethoscope sits next to a vial that reads Coronavirus Blood Sample.

Ohio "Stay at Home" Order Week #3

Good afternoon Lyndhurst! We have now entered week #3 of the Department of Health's issued and extended "Stay at Home" order and I hope you are all still doing well! What we are seeing from the daily updates is that the sacrifices many of us are making by following this order is making a huge difference in Ohio! Lt. Governor Husted said yesterday, "You have given us reason to be optimistic about what we are doing because it is working!" That being said we need to keep diligent in order to stay healthy!! I am so proud of our employees who come to work each day to complete essential tasks for our residents - whether directly or indirectly - but in every way possible that protects their health and the public.

Again, we continue to see signs that the things we are all doing - STAYING HOME, SOCIAL AND PHYSICAL DISTANCING, BEING SMART - it is WORKING! Please keep doing what you are doing to help stop the spread of this dangerous disease! We cannot take a chance on letting our guard down so PLEASE, keep up the good work! #Stayathome!

NEW LEGISLATION in Lyndhurst has placed a temporary ban on the use of reusable shopping bags until further notice. Stores must provide single-use plastic bags starting immediately. Shoppers SHALL NOT bring their own bags into a store and clerks SHALL NOT pack groceries or other items into reusable shopping bags. Please make use of the recycling options for the single-use plastic bags that the larger stores have in place. This law was enacted to protect the public from further community spread of the COVID-19 virus and is in place until January 1, 2021.

As a reminder here are some details from the extended Stay at Home order...

➜ This order PROHIBITS holding gatherings of any size and closes all non-essential businesses. Our parks remain open but our playgrounds and basketball courts are closed. So, what are we permitted to do?

➜ Businesses that are operating (please remember the businesses self-determine they are essential) are required to provide proper social distancing for their employees and the public.

➜ Essential activities such as going to the grocery store, pharmacy, gas station or a bank, picking up carry-out foods, seeking medical care, taking walks outdoors and the like are allowed. These are many of the things we in Lyndhurst were already doing and precautions we were already taking.

➜ Retail establishments are required to post the maximum number of customers allowed to be inside the store at one time and monitor for that number. Customers need to maintain their distance from one another inside and while waiting to enter these establishments.

➜ Many questions come in regarding which establishments are permitted to operate. Please bear in mind that any business that has a Food Service License from the Board of Health is permitted to operate for Carry Out Service ONLY or delivery. They must still abide by the social distancing policies for the safety of customers and employees.



We are truly fortunate to have access to excellent groceries and markets in and close to Lyndhurst and I have found them to be well stocked of most goods. From what we have seen our supply chain is robust and functioning well. Please remember the workers who come in to our stores every day to assure we can shop for our essentials and be mindful of the sacrifice they make. We owe each and every one of them a smile and a thank you every time we shop.

Check on Your Neighbors

Please try to be mindful of our neighbors who are elderly and may be experiencing a shortage of goods because of an interruption in the support services they rely upon. CHECK ON YOUR NEIGHBORS!! If you find someone who needs groceries and they can order them for pick-up offer to pick them up! If there is a need you feel is or cannot be met please call City Hall and we will engage our Community Partnership on Aging to see what can be done.

Paper Goods Collection Drive

Community Partnership on Aging Paper Goods Drive flier.

Additionally, our Community Partnership on Aging is conducting a PAPER GOODS COLLECTION DRIVE to assist some of our elderly who cannot get out to purchase these goods or these goods are not in stock at the limited times that these residents can get into a store. Please consider dropping off a pack of Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Kleenex or Napkins at our Lyndhurst Community Center beginning next Monday (March 30th 2020). We will be collecting Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily. Thank you!


The flag of the USA sits to the left of the 2020 Presidential Election logo. Your vote is your voice.

The State Legislature has extended voting in the Presidential Primary Election (which was suspended on March 17th 2020 Calendar icon.) to April 28th 2020 Calendar icon. but it must be done by MAIL IN BALLOT ONLY. Ballots can be requested online at, by calling the Board of Elections at (216) 443-8683 ☎ and selecting Option #3, or are available right inside the doors at City Hall. If you have a problem getting an application please contact City Hall. Every VOTE is important so please be sure to request your ballots as soon as possible!

State of the Virus in Ohio

The number of cases in our State rises daily but access to test kits remains a challenge and reserved for those most ill. The statistics do show the daily percentage increase in new confirmed cases seems to have flattened which means we are starting to make a dent! PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

There are - as of yesterday (April 6th 2020 Calendar icon.) - 4,450 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, identified in the State of Ohio, 871 in Cuyahoga County. There are 1,214 persons hospitalized, 371 in ICU and 142 deaths. Many of these confirmed cases are healthcare workers so please thank that nurse or doctor or technical or first-responder or anyone tied to the delivery of care. They are the front-line against this disease and will be the true heroes when we conquer it.

Working together as a Community of Neighbors we will all hopefully get to the other side of this crisis.

We continue to monitor this ever-evolving COVID-19 situation along with our area partners, County Emergency Management and others.

City Services

Lyndhurst City services have been deemed essential and are still being delivered in a way that reflects all we can to safeguard our employees. Community Partnership on Aging communal lunches are cancelled and have been replaced by frozen meals for pick-up or delivery to participants. Those affected have been contacted directly. All other CPA programming has been cut back and participants have been notified. Meals on Wheels volunteers continue the awesome task of safely serve their clients, dropping meals at their doorstep. The Lyndhurst Municipal Court will continue to be open under limited circumstance to reduce the number of people appearing physically in court. Again, in every way possible your City and he employees are continuing to do all that is necessary to provide the best service possible to you but we are and must continue to be cautious in how we do so which requires some changes in how things are done. We ask for your understanding in this regard.



A collage of delicious foods are displayed next to each other column by column.

Most of our Lyndhurst restaurants have pick-up / delivery options which are listed on our website at They can continue to provide their services and can really use our continued support!

Unemployment Benefits

For those who have had their employment interrupted due to this situation Governor DeWine has ordered expanded flexibility for access to unemployment benefits. The best way to get information or to apply is by calling (877) 644-6562 ☎ or through their website at It is much faster to apply online than to call in.

Small Business Loans

For Small businesses impacted by closure there is information on Economic Disaster Loan availability from the SBA at


Our hospital partners are all taking extra precautions to assure the health of their employees, our employees and the public as well as to ensure the ongoing operability of their facilities. Triage tents outside the Emergency Departments will assure those presenting with symptoms are properly isolated from other patients. We have weekly updates with our Health Care partners to report on capacity, supplies and preparedness. We; our area Mayors, Councils, First Responders, employees and our hospitals are working together to the benefit of all.

We will continue to track this evolving situation closely and update you on any changes to programs as they are announced. Every precaution is being taken to ensure that your municipal facilities remain a safe environment for our residents and those who still need to do business with the City or our Court.


Please be certain to be smart in your physical interactions with others, such as avoiding shaking hands, etc. If you are sick ISOLATE! Wash your hands frequently!

Avoid Unnecessary Alarm

While concern and reasonable precautions are appropriate, let us avoid any unnecessary alarm. There have been and will continue to be many more cases as testing continues. Although this can be a serious illness, in the vast majority of cases, symptoms are not life threatening. That said, those in high risk groups, such as the elderly or those with respiratory ailments, should take extra care.

Again, this is an ever-changing landscape for which we receive updates multiple times daily. We will keep you informed as needed.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

Drive-up testing stations are available ONLY for those who have been instructed by their physician, and have a note stating so, to be tested.

So AGAIN, in order to be tested, you must have a Doctor's Note!

No co-pay will be charged. They are open 7 days a week from 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

Here are the two locations:

➜ For University Hospital Patients:

UH Landerbrook Health Center
5850 Landerbrook Drive
Mayfield Heights Ohio 44124
Google Maps icon.

➜ For Cleveland Clinic Patients

W.O. Walker Center
10524 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44195
Google Maps icon.

Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Make sure you know the symptoms of Coronavirus before deciding to take action. If you are experiencing flu or coronavirus symptoms, CALL AHEAD to your provider before going to any Doctor's Office or Emergency Room:

Allergies/Cold: Itchy eyes, Stuffy Nose, Sneezing

Flu or Coronavirus: Fever, Fatigue, Body Aches, Cough, Worsening Symptoms

Coronavirus: Shortness of Breath, History of Travel, Exposure

Additional Information


➜ Ohio Department of Health
C.) 1-833-4ASKODH ☎ (1-833-427-4634 ☎)

➜ Cuyahoga County Board of Health

➜ Cuyahoga County

The Governor's daily briefings occur at or about 2:00 PM and can be viewed at where they are archived as well.

Stay well!

Mayor Patrick A. Ward
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio


➜ Mayor's Office


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