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All Kits Delivered! To All Lyndhurst Residents! Thank You From University Hospitals!

Original Release: 4/23/2020

An illustration of a panel of doctors and nurses standing above the words thank you.

Can You Sew? Are You Bored?
University Hospitals
Asking Community For Help
100,000 Masks. 2 Weeks.

Original Release: 4/1/2020

A woman's hands are shown using a sewing machine to sew medical masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Can you sew? One of our fellow residents, a UH employee, is looking for persons who can sew to volunteer to sew masks for University Hospitals.

University Hospitals has set a goal of 100,00 masks sewed in the next 2 weeks. They are providing kits. One (1) kit has all of the supplies necessary to make 15 masks.

We can arrange for kits to be dropped off to you, picked up upon completion, and delivered to University Hospitals.

Kits will be available by contacting City Hall at (440) 442-5777 ☎, so if you, or anyone you know, can sew, and are willing to help keep our very brave hospital workers safe, please reach out to us as soon as possible to become a part of this heroic effort!

Here is a video from University Hospitals providing detail.


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