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From the Mayor's Office
November 2020

Original Release: 11/20/2020

Photo of City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Mayor Patrick A. Ward.

"Hindsight is 20/20," or so the saying goes. Truly I do not believe anyone will want to use that "20/20" hindsight to look back on the year 2020! Things have been different, delayed, derailed, but I hold on to the thought that there is hope for tomorrow.

The holidays are fast approaching and there are many cautions regarding gatherings in order to protect everyone's health. Wearing masks when in public and when gathered in a group, even a group of family members, is still one of the best defenses against the spread of airborne disease so please, exercise an abundance of caution wherever you happen to be.

As I reflect on what has transpired this year, all the things that stopped or were done differently if even at all, all the ways our Community came together — albeit distanced or virtually — to be a community I do have some reasons to be grateful.

This pandemic year has presented many challenges for our residents and our businesses but there has also been opportunity and no lack of persons willing to roll up their sleeves and pitch in to help one another. That is what gives me faith in tomorrow!

Our staff here at City Hall, no matter their position, has risen daily to the challenge of serving our residents no matter what. They have looked for every way possible to keep our level of performance meeting the highest possible standards in spite of pandemic turmoil. Their efforts receive many compliments and make me proud every day.

Our City Council as well has had their hands in keeping operations moving as smoothly as possible, passing needed legislation and pitching in on multiple occasions to make things seem as normal as possible.

And then there are our residents who amaze us with their generous gifts of thought or time or talents in the interest of making things great for their neighbors or our Community. Lyndhurst truly is a Community of Neighbors!

From all of us here at City Hall and from my family at home, on behalf of our staff and my family, please accept our wish for your good health through this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year. Hoping to see you soon — stay well!


Mayor Patrick A. Ward
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio


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