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From the Mayor's Office
August 2019

Original Release: 8/20/2019

Photo of City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Mayor Patrick A. Ward.

Is it my perception or have the seasons become shorter each year? Perhaps it is the hectic pace we have been keeping that hastens how time passes, but it seems the ink hasn't even had a chance to dry on our last publication. Yet, here I am writing again. Students are being hastened to college; backpacks are being loaded with all things from "the list" and the end of our very short summer is already at our doorstep!

Much has been happening around town since our last magazine issue! Road, sewer and other projects have been many, including the repaving of Cedar Road which, by the time this reaches your mailboxes, will hopefully be complete. As has been widely announced, our Fire Department reconstruction and renovation project is well underway — there are pictures in this issue — and we are now accustomed to operating in a construction zone. We have had some retirements and have new faces filling key roles, including a new Police Chief! When one gets to be my age change can be difficult but these have been positive changes that are benefitting our organization.

Speaking of our Fire Station project; as I reported to residents at our State of the City Address in May, we designed to our budget and are working closely with our Construction Manager to keep to the maximum price figure they provided. Your City Council, our Administration and Fire Department personnel have worked as a team through the process of planning, pricing and design. I am grateful for this approach as it brings forth the best results for you, our residents.

This year's Home Day weekend is right around the corner - September 6th, 7th and 8th 2019 . I hope that you check out the line-up events we have set as there is defi nitely something for everyone! It will be a great time with a lot of family-friendly features each day, wonderful food, games and rides amazing entertainment and a great parade!

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, October 5th 2019 , which is our Annual Council Coffee event and City Expo. There will be a lot of valuable information available from all our City Departments and other partners along with, of course, a wonderful breakfast provided by your Council and me!

As always, I look forward to seeing you at any or, hopefully, all of our upcoming events!


Patrick A. Ward, Mayor
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