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Please Be Courteous
Pick Up After Your Dog

Please Be Courteous - Pick Up After Your Dog - City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

Please be courteous and pick up after your dog!

It is important to remember that it is not only courteous, ☛ it's the law. ☚

Lyndhurst C.O. 618.19 (c)


(a) No person, being the owner or in charge or control of any dog, shall permit such dog to enter upon private property, public parks or school grounds, or to chase, damage, destroy or cause a nuisance upon any property, public or private.

(Ord. 76-61. Passed 8-2-76.)

(b) As used in division (a) hereof, the word "nuisance" includes defecation and/or urination.

(c ) Dogs shall be permitted to enter upon public parks in the City if the dog is on an approved leash with an appropriate collar or harness, and the owner or person in charge, or controller of any dog removes any defecation left by such dog. For purposes of this section an approved leash and an appropriate collar or harness shall mean a leash and a collar or harness specifically made or manufactured to be of the proper size and strength for that particular dog.

(d) Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

(Ord. 73-100. Passed 12-17-73; Ord. 2002-81. Passed 10-21-02.)

Thank you!


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