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Archived: 9/2/2019

Gordon Road Construction Update
Estimated Completion: September 1st 2019

Original Release: 8/2/2019

Gordon Road Construction Update - Estimated Completion: September 1st 2019 - City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

Starting on or about August 2nd 2019 , pavement resurfacing work will begin on your street on the blocks between Mayfield Rd. and Rae Rd., and between Sheldon Road and Ridgebury Blvd.

This work is part of the $956,875 Asphalt Resurfacing Program being done in the City this year. The City's contractor for this year's program will be Specialized Construction, Inc.

The work will involve repairing the road base where needed, then placing two layers of asphalt. Repairs to curbs will also be done as needed. Aprons are repaired, per City policy, only if the elevation of the new asphalt surface affects the drainage from the apron, or if the apron is too high. Aprons are not replaced if they are broken. There may be times when you do not see any work being performed on the street. This is because the crews are working on other streets in this year's program. The work will be completed by the end of August, weather permitting.

During the work, the street will remain open. Please proceed slowly through the construction areas. Also, do not park on the street during the project.

Garbage collections will continue on the normally scheduled day, but will happen earlier in the day. Please have your garbage and recyclables out by 7 am.

Thank you for your cooperation during this work. We regret the temporary inconvenience all this work may cause you. Please be patient and cooperative, and the inconveniences can be minimized. Also, if there are any areas along the curb that are seeded due to the work, please water these areas so the grass will grow properly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the City Engineer, Jeff Filarski at (440) 399-0810 ☎ or email him at ✉.


Patrick A. Ward, Mayor
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio


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