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Legacy Village Lyndhurst Community Fund of the Cleveland Foundation Information and Application Outline
Deadline: August 1st 2021

Original Release: 3/1/2021

Legacy Village Lyndhurst Community Fund of the Cleveland Foundation Information and Application Outline - City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

Application Process

To apply to the Legacy Village Lyndhurst Community Fund please submit an online application through the Cleveland Foundation's Grants Gateway. Login information may be obtained by completing a Grantee Request Form.

Effective immediately the deadline for submission of an application is March 1st and August 1st of each year.

1.) To begin the application, login to Grants Gateway.

  1. Establish or update your organization profile.

  2. Click on the Apply for a Grant link.

  3. Scroll down to find the Legacy Village Lyndhurst Community Fund application. Initiate the online application.

2.) Upload the Required Attachments, which include:

  1. Board List.

  2. Letter(s) of support from Community Partners.

  3. Any other supporting documents you feel is necessary, i.e. equipment estimates.

3.) Complete the Project Summary by providing a brief overview of the proposed project/program.

  1. Please provide information regarding what will happen as a result of your program and how success will be measured.

  2. Identify specific activities that will take place and how many individuals will be served (specifically those served in South-Euclid and Lyndhurst).

  3. Provide any other information regarding your institution, program, or project that you believe will help the committee understand your proposal.

4.) Complete the Budget Summary of expenses to be supported by the requested funds (e.g., staff, supplies, travel, etc.). Please provide details for each line item in your project budget.

  1. For Example: Salary and Wages - $3,500 to support the Early Childhood Coordinator to implement the program in classrooms and small groups. Wages were calculated as 10% of the Coordinator's time at a salary of $35,000.

5.) Complete the Requested Expenses Form by providing a list of expenses requested from Legacy Village Fund, any other funding received for this project and description of expenses.

For access to the Grants Gateway contact:

Grants Management Hotline
(216) 615-7254

For all other questions please contact:

Michelle Blackford
(216) 615-7145


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