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From The Finance Department
Taxpayer Assistance

Original Release: 4/16/2018

From The Finance Department - Taxpayer Assistance - City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

Dear Taxpayer,

As we approach the 2018 filing deadline we would like to provide you with some tips to address what is expected to be an extremely busy week.

Taxpayer Assistance

The following services are available for taxpayers to file their tax returns. Many of these services are available by accessing the RITA website and/or accessing the IVR which are both available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Confirm Estimated Payments

→ If a taxpayer would like to confirm estimated tax payments and credits there is no need to speak to a customer service agent. Payments and credits can be confirmed online by "Logging in" to My Account at or can be obtained through RITA's automated phone service, available 24 hours a day at (800) 860-7482.

Electronically File Tax Returns

→ Tax returns can be filed electronically on RITA's website at

Print or Download Tax Forms

→ Tax Forms can be printed or downloaded by visiting RITA's website at

Obtain Answers to Tax Filing Questions and How to Efile

→ If a taxpayer has tax policy questions many answers can be found by accessing RITA's website and reviewing the FAQ's.

→ If a taxpayer has questions pertaining to RITA's e-services encourage taxpayers to access the instructional video tutorials available on the RITA website by selecting Resources then Help Videos. These self-help videos are also embedded in the e-service applications.

In Person Taxpayer Assistance

Taxpayers can receive in person assistance by visiting a branch location. The hours of operation are listed on RITA's website by visiting Taxpayer Assistance on the RITA website at:

Live Agent Phone Assistance for Taxpayers

Extended hours to speak with an agent are available and can be found on the RITA website at:

It is expected the phone call volume will continue to increase as we approach the filing deadline. Hold times will vary throughout the week. All available resources are being allocated to provide filing deadline taxpayer support. Nonetheless, at some point RITA's phone lines will become completely saturated and some taxpayers may receive a "fast busy" or a message indicating their "call could not be completed as dialed". This does not mean RITA's phone lines are down. At the point that total saturation may temporarily occur, hundreds of taxpayers will be receiving support from call center agents as well as obtaining tax information through RITA's automated phone service.

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