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From the Mayor's Office
August 2018

Original Release: 8/6/2018

Photo of City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Mayor Patrick A. Ward.

Dear Neighbors,

Looking at the calendar, it is hard to believe so much of this year has already passed. Schools will be open soon, pools will be closing and our 93rd Home Day weekend is around the corner. As much as I enjoy funnel cakes and all of the other trappings of our great Lyndhurst Home Day, I wish that summer would hold on just a little while longer.

I want to remind everyone about the "Life in Lyndhurst" section at the front of this magazine. In it we try to introduce or remind everyone about the simple expectations the City and our residents have of each other. More information can always be found on our City website or by contacting City Hall.

Another event where you will get great information from all of our Departments and other agencies is our annual Council Coffee Event which will be held on Saturday, October 6th from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Community Center. We will even serve you breakfast!

We have enjoyed the company of neighbors at many Block Parties so far this season. It is great to see our residents enjoying each other's company - some meeting for the first time - and sharing food, some playing games and everyone just getting to know each other a little better. These are the types of things that bring a community together! Block Parties are easy to organize and the benefits to the neighborhoods are tremendous! Contact City Hall and we will help in any way we can!

At this year's Home Day you will see some changes that the Committee has thought of to make the weekend more fun and to bring all in attendance closer to the entertainment in the Big Tent and in the new Children's Entertainment Tent. Please see the full entertainment lineup in this issue of Lyndhurst Life. I certainly hope to see you there!


Patrick A. Ward, Mayor
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio
(440) 442-5777

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