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Police Department Media Release
How To Spot Scams

Original Release: 9/21/2018

Police Department Media Release - How To Spot Scams - City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

Patrick A. Ward
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Rick F. Porrello
Chief of Police

Telephone and mail continue to be among scammers' favorite tools for stealing money or personal information. If someone tries to panic you or rush you, step away and call someone you trust.

Watch for these common scams:

➜ Grandparent Scam: Someone claiming to be your grandchild calls to say he's been jailed after a car accident and needs you to send money for bail or court fees. Don't believe it! Call your family if you 're worried about a relative. And remember, no legitimate government agency accepts money wires, prepaid cards or gift cards as payment.

➜ Sweepstakes/Foreign Lotteries: You're told you won a big money prize and all you have to do is pay taxes or fees in advance. Sometimes, the scammer sends you a check you're supposed to deposit and so you can pay the taxes. Don't do it! The check is counterfeit. Legitimate contests are always FREE.

➜ Fake Government Calls: Scam callers pose as government agents - the IRS, court officials or local police - and threaten you with arrest unless you immediately pay a fine or back taxes. Don't be scared into paying! Government agencies notify you by mail if something is amiss - and they never tip off people who are about to be arrested.

➜ Fake Debt Collectors: Debt collectors threaten they will arrest you unless you pay now. Don't do it! Scam debt collectors invent debts or inflate the amounts owed on old debt. By law, debt collectors must send you written information about a debt within five days of calling you so that you can dispute debts you don't owe.

➜ Health Care Scams: Scammers tell you that they can provide you with free medical equipment or treatment. Don't believe it! Medicare only pays for equipment prescribed by a doctor. Most "free" offers are free trials that result in you being billed. Never give marketers your Medicare number or bank information.

Contact the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs with your questions at (216) 443-7035

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