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Facts on 2018 Sexennial Reappraisal
From The Office of Cuyahoga County
Deadline To File
September 14th 2018

Original Release: 9/1/2018

Facts on 2018 Sexennial Reappraisal From The Office of Cuyahoga County - Deadline To File September 14th 2018 - City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

Following the sexennial reappraisal and concerns from property owners that their property values have risen, Cuyahoga County has extended the informal appeal process. Residents now have until September 14th 2018  to file an informal appeal.

Residents who are concerned that their property values may have been over-estimated can appeal to the Cuyahoga County fiscal office by going online or by calling (216) 443-4663 ☎ (HOME).

If you are not able to appeal informally by September 14th 2018, don't worry. You may still file a formal appeal with the County Board of Revision between January 1st and March 31st 2019.

Residents who have experienced value increases should also be aware that, in 1976, the State passed House Bill 920 which is designed to protect residents against an increase in their taxes just because their property value goes up.

Key Facts:

Will my taxes go up if my property value did?

  • ➜ Your taxes will not increase proportionately with the value increase; they may not increase at all.

  • ➜ Property owners are protected against significant tax increases by House Bill 920.

  • ➜ The county will also be releasing an online calculator that allows residents to get an estimate of their taxes by inputting the new valuation. It is important to note that the calculator only provides an estimate.

If I'm still concerned, how can I appeal my valuation?

  • ➜ The county is extending the informal appeal process until September 14th. This is just the first, informal opportunity for homeowners to appeal.

  • ➜ The Board of Revision provides a formal complaint process from January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019. What to expect at your Board of Revision Hearing (Video).

  • ➜ Homeowners do NOT need to get a professional appraisal for their homes as part of the appeal process.

Suggested documentation for an appeal can include any of the following:

  • ➜ Complete Appraisal Report (prepared within the last 12 months)

  • ➜ Total cost of new structure (certified by builder)

  • ➜ Photographs of structural damage, and estimates for repairs

  • ➜ Purchase agreement with closing statement

  • ➜ Certified estimates from a contractor for repairs cited as the reason for a change in value

  • ➜ Sale prices of comparable homes in the neighborhood


➤ Cuyahoga County, Ohio


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