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Electric Service Announcement for Residents of the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio (Updated)

Original Release: 11/23/2016
Electric Service Announcement for Residents of the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio (Updated) - City of Lyndhurst, Ohio
Our residents and the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio have been made aware of a contract dispute between our designated utility aggregator, NOPEC, and First Energy Solutions who has been the designated electricity provider since 2010.
On Friday, October 28th the two companies announced termination of their contract which means First Energy Solutions will not be the designated electric supplier effective January 1, 2017.
On November 15th 2016 we did learn that all legal disputes between First Energy Solutions and NOPEC have been settled.
NOPEC has reached an agreement with a new supplier that will seamlessly take effect January 1st. Our residents WILL NOT need to do anything to continue to receive electricity and savings through NOPEC.
The new supplier of electricity to all NOPEC customers is NextEra Energy Ohio (a company that has provided NOPEC both electricity and gas supply in the past).
The agreement that NOPEC has negotiated with NextEra Energy Ohio has a three year term and provides as follows:
  1. The same savings we currently enjoy through June, 2017.

  2. A market-competitive variable rate thereafter.

  3. There are NO CANCELLATION OR EARLY TERMINATION FEES so our residents can shop for a better deal at any time.
Lyndhurst residents will be receiving this week in the mail a letter including an OPT-OUT card which will spell out the terms of the new agreement.
  1. Look at your electric bill (on the right hand side) to find your electricity provider. If it says "Charges from NOPEC-First Energy Solutions" then your electricity is provided through NOPEC'S contracted supplier.

  2. If you do see you are under the plan provided by NOPEC, you can do the following:
    1. You can do nothing and you will automatically be included to receive electricity through NOPEC's designated supplier - which will be NextEra Energy Ohio.

    2. You can look for a new provider by logging in to the PUCO website at click on ELECTRIC, then RESIDENTIAL, and then "The Illuminating Company" (our local deliverer of electricity) which will provide information on the many savings programs available to us. Compare those rates to the current rate offered on the NOPEC mailing you receive and make your choice.

    3. You can wait and then compare. Since there will be NO CHANGE in the rate we are being charged by our NOPEC supplier, and since there is no cancellation or early termination fee, we can wait to see if there are any better choices in a few months, or, really at any time!
In any event it is important for you to know that we will continue to have negotiated NOPEC savings options and the continued strength of NOPEC buying power working for us and representing us to the electric and natural gas energy marketplace!
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

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