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From the Police Department
You Can Find Your Way Home Quickly But Your Pet May Not

Released: 2/15/2016
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As winter fades and the mercury rises, most of us will be anxious to open our windows for fresh air, and get outside for the warmth of the spring sunshine. Those who own dogs and cats will be joined by their faithful friends who have an even greater and natural yearning for the outdoors.
Being a dog or cat owner is an enjoyable experience but comes with significant responsibilities to care for and protect these curious creatures who often have a desire to roam.
According to one national study, fewer than 2% of lost cats and only 15-20% of lost dogs are ever returned to their guardians.
Even the most responsible pet owners can recall a frantic time when their dog or cat slipped out the door, was accidentally let outside by a child, scratched a hole under the fence, nudged open a gate, or pulled loose from its collar.
One of the most important, least costly, and highly effective methods to help reunite your pet with you in the event it wanders away is a collar and identification tag. The tag should include your address and phone number, and is in addition to the registration tag required by state and local law.
The heartbreaking tragedy of a pet struck by a car shouldn't be the only fear for the owner of a dog or cat that gets loose. These pets are subject to numerous risks including unwanted reproduction and conflicts with other animals, domestic or wild, that may expose them to disease or injury.
Owners of pets running at-large face criminal prosecution for violations of animal and nuisance laws, and potential civil liability for injuries they may cause to people. A lost pet rescued by Lyndhurst Animal Control officers will result in a kenneling fee.
You can find your way home quickly. Your pet may not. If you do not have a collar and tag on your dog or cat, make the commitment to visit your local pet store soon.
Give your pet the gift of an inexpensive ID tag, a basic necessity for pet care and a sign of responsible pet ownership.
Rick Porrello, Chief of Police
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

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