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Lyndhurst Garden Club
Native Plants and Wildflowers
February 5th 2015

Released: 1/31/2015
Visit The Lyndhurst Garden Club section of the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio website.

What: Lyndhurst Garden Club - Native Plants and Wildflowers
When: Thursday, February 5th 2015. Program: 8:00 PM.
Where: Lyndhurst Community Center, 1341 Parkview Road, Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124.
Description: Mary Slingluff, Owner at Avalon Gardens Inn and Nursery will share information on native plants. Avalon Gardens organically grows, sells and landscapes with plants native to the Ohio region - over 500 varieties of perennials and shrubs.
Native plants provide habitat for a variety of native wildlife species such as songbirds and butterflies.
Not only does landscaping with native plants preserve your local environment they:
  • Do not require fertilizers

  • Require less water

  • Help reduce air pollution

  • Provide shelter and food for indigenous animals and insects
    The plants are grown in sustainable conditions, with natural fertilizers and fungicides. Pests are eliminated only when absolutely necessary and with organics.
    Avalon Gardens
    12511 Fowlers Mill Road
    Chardon, OH 44024
    Phone: (440) 286-2126
    Hours of Operation: April 1st through November 30th
    The above information has been taken directly from the Avalon Gardens website at:

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