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From the Police Department
Summer Safety Tips

Released: 7/27/2015
From the Police Department: Summer Safety Tips
Tips for Homeowners:
  • Keep doors in your home closed and locked including your garage doors. An open door is an invitation.

  • Avoid home improvement scams such as tree-trimming, yard work, driveway sealing and deception burglaries by taking a proactive approach, especially if you live alone or are alone when they solicit. In many cases criminals will work in pairs. One will sneak into your home while the other keeps you occupied and away from the open door. Only deal with established and reputable companies and/or get references. Ask to see identification and let them know you are going to call and get verification from their company before allowing them inside.

  • Be a good neighbor and alert police to any unusual activity in your neighborhood.
Tips for Drivers:
  • Wherever you park your car, reduce the risk of being theft victim. Avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle and never leave then in plain view. Most importantly, never store a firearm in a vehicle unless it is in a specially made heavy-duty locked container that is properly bolted to the vehicle. Even if your vehicle is parked in your driveway, and especially overnight, keep the doors locked.

  • Drive safely and slowly around parks and playgrounds. More children are out playing during the summer. Be alert for children playing and riding their bicycles.

Tips for Parents:
  • Provide a list of phone numbers of trusted neighbors, family, and friends that your child can call in an emergency. Make sure your child knows how to dial 911and when it is appropriate to do so.

  • Provide a bike helmet and require your child to wear it as well as brightly colored or reflective clothing.

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