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2016 Sidewalk Repair Program Updates

Released: 7/27/2015
2016 Sidewalk Repair Program Updates - City of Lyndhurst, Ohio
Over the past few years the sidewalk repair program guidelines have changed.
The city has been divided into ten separate areas. One section to be done each year. The City of Lyndhurst Building Department, along with Chagrin Valley Engineering (CVE) administers the program. CVE performs all the annual inspections, cost estimates and prepares the work specifications to go out for bid.
The contract is usually awarded to the lowest and best bidder, as long as they meet the required criteria for repair. Once a sidewalk slab is deemed a trip hazard, CVE places the necessary blocks of sidewalk into the program for replacement.
The new program does not provide an allotted amount of time for the home owner to fix the sidewalk on their own. The work is done by the contractor awarded the contract and all charges will be assessed to your real estate tax bill. Homeowners no longer have the ability to pay the city directly for the work once it is completed.
The 2016 Program will be in the area north side of Mayfield between Irene and Richmond, all the way over to the south side of Ridgebury. East side of Richmond and the west side of Irene will be included and all streets within this perimeter. If you live in this area, and you have sidewalk blocks that may be considered a trip hazard, and do not want the city to place them on the 2016 Repair Program, then now would be the time to repair or replace your sidewalk(s) on your own. Once the program starts in your area, spring of 2016, the opportunity will no longer exist to do it on your own.
If you have any questions on the program you can call us at (440) 473-5108. Once the program starts in your area, all questions will be directed to CVE.
Contact information will be provided in the packet you receive should your sidewalk(s) be cited for repair.

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