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From The Police Department
Firearm Safety

Released: 7/7/2014
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Tragedies occur on a daily basis involving unlocked firearms that are easily accessible to young people, either at their own homes or those of relatives or neighbors. These tragedies could very well have been avoided if the gun owner had utilized safe firearm storage practices.
Additionally about 1.4 million firearms were stolen during household burglaries and other property crimes over a recent six-year period. Many of these guns were used in serious crimes.
Don't dismiss the need to store guns safely. The consequences can cause serious injury or death. They may also lead to civil and/or criminal action against the owner or other responsible adult.
Follow these guidelines to keep firearms away from all unauthorized persons:
  1. Always remove ammunition from guns.
  3. Assure no unauthorized persons have access to your gun. Authorized persons should be schooled in proper handling and safety techniques.
  5. Place ammunition in a locked location, separate from guns. When deciding where to store guns and ammunition, remember to select secure places that are out of sight and reach of children.
  7. Secure unloaded firearms with a gun lock, gun alarm or other type of tamper-proof device. These might render the gun inoperable.
  9. Store unloaded guns in a gun cabinet, safe, or locked gun vault. Remember to place a locked storage case where children and potential thieves won't likely find it.
Guns. Own them? Respect Them. Secure Them.
Rick Porrello
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio, Chief of Police

Information provided by: The City of Lyndhurst, Ohio