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Home Repair Resource Center
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Released: 4/8/2014

Home Repair Resource Center is a nonprofit organization based in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. We offer a variety of programs that encourage responsible home ownership. Our classes for home buyers prepare them to purchase a home and budget for needed repairs. Our hands-on workshops teach do-it-yourself home maintenance. Our consultations for seniors help them identify and prioritize needed repairs. All our programs empower homeowners with the knowledge and skills they need to keep their homes in good condition.
Home maintenance creates a ripple effect. When homeowners keep their houses in good repair, they enjoy safe and healthy homes, and protect a significant personal asset. Their efforts inspire neighbors to invest, add to property values, and contribute to attractive neighborhoods. On a larger scale, they create stable communities and conserve resources. Maintenance that prolongs the useful life of a home is an act of sustainability!
Since 1971, HRRC has touched nearly every street in Cleveland Heights and kept the City’s distinctive and aging housing stock a community asset.
In 2011, however, Home Repair Resource Center expanded our service to the broader region. We opened most of our programs to neighboring communities that share the challenge of maintaining older housing. As part of its refreshed mission, HRRC also adopted a more specific focus on sustainability.
We welcome homeowners of all financial ability to find out more about our programs and how HRRC can help keep houses throughout our region in good repair.
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Information provided by: The City of Lyndhurst, Ohio