From The Building Department: Exterior Property Inspections and High Grass
Released: 5/2/2013
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The City of Lyndhurst Building Department has begun their yearly sweep of the city looking for high grass and blighted properties. Each year our inspectors send out notices to property owners for high grass and or weeds above eight inches. We understand that there are many valid reasons why grass and or weeds are sometimes left uncut; broken lawnmowers, personal illness, or other unforeseen circumstances. We encourage you call us and keep in contact with us if there are legitimate reasons.
We are also continuing our exterior inspection program. In past years we have taken care of the properties with extreme blight. However, this year we are going to inspect and cite any property with an exterior violation(s). We have started with all the registered rentals. Notices will be sent to the landlords with a fair compliance date. If compliance date is not met, we will either send a court summons, or in some cases enact our nuisance abatement ordinance. We will work with our residents to meet compliance in a timely fashion. We will continue this effort in order to keep our housing stock up. Please be kind to your neighbors and let's keep our community looking great together.

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