New Executive Director Speaks at Winter Training Session
Released: 2/6/2012
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Lavalle Dorsey was introduced and addressed the attendees of the CERT Winter training session. Lavalle spoke about county and federal initiatives aimed at the promotion of better communication and coordination between CERT units and first responders. At the county level initiatives are under way to regionally coordinate CERT call ups and interunit cooperation. In addition, a background check of CERT team members continues to be a topic of discussion. At the federal level discussions are centering on interdepartmental use of terminology. The hope is that adoption of common terminology will prevent confusion when mobilizations are necessary. In addition initiatives are underway to utilize the internet (Skype) as a means to coordinate large scale responses. Lavalle also mentioned that federal officials are concerned that the Midwest has been targeted by terrorists. Plots aimed at Detroit and other Midwestern cities have been uncovered, so vigilance must be maintained.

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