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Released: 1/27/2012
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Sidewalk Program 2012
The City of Lyndhurst has restarted the sidewalk program this past year. The program will continue this year as well. There have been numerous complaints from our residents about uneven sidewalks. In the past we covered one fifth of the city a year, but we have restructured the program.
The program has been broken into ten sections. One section will be inspected per year and notices sent out certified mail sometime in March. The property owner will have a chance to repair the sidewalk themselves, or wait for the city contractor to perform the work at their expense. If payment is not met our finance department will assess the property taxes. All inspections will be made by our city engineers, Chagrin Valley Engineering. All questions regarding citations and billing should be directed to (440) 439-1999. A copy of the sidewalk program map can be picked up at the City Of Lyndhurst Building Department or on our website at

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