From The Lyndhurst Municipal Court
Released: 9/28/2012
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Judge Mary Kaye Bozza believes...
Autumn Driving Safety Tips
Sunny days, cool nights and beautiful changing leaves tell us that Autumn has arrived. Cool nights can lead to frosty roadways, be sure to check that your wiper blades, tires and brakes are in good working order. Allow extra time in the morning to clean your windshield to assure good visibility. Autumn leaves will be piled along our roadsides, whether you are driving in a car or riding a bike, be vigilant that there are no children playing in the leaves, that the leaves are not covering holes or hazards in the streets and/or that the leaves are not wet and slippery.
Schools are back in session. Be especially cognizant of the 20 mph speed limits in school zones morning, noon and afternoon. Watch for children walking or riding their bikes. Remember it will be getting dark earlier and many children participate in after school programs. Always yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.
Community Outreach is Critical
The next "Make the Right Choice Program" specialized for our male audience is scheduled for Friday, November 2, 2012. This program begins at 9:30am and is held at the Lyndhurst Community Center at 1341 Parkview Drive. The programs usually last for 3 hours and lunch is included. The topics at these meetings cover the medical, psychological and legal consequences of alcohol and substance abuse for men. There is no fee for these educational programs and they are open to the public. For information call Patti at (440) 461-6500 extension 205.
Court Technology is Essential
In September 2012, the Court went "live" with our Virtual Private Network. The project began in 2011, to retire our now 11 year old server and purchase a virtual private network or VPN. The VPN will allow us to improve the functionality of our internet site, accept online payments, accommodate the imaging of old and new records and align our Court technologically with other Court's in surrounding counties.
Changes in Driving Under Suspension Laws
Senate Bill 337, effective September 24, 2012, provides new opportunities for driving privileges during certain suspensions. The new law permits courts to grant limited driving privileges for persons with Child Support Suspensions. The intent of the legislature is to allow driving privileges to enable the person paying child support to maintain employment.
In addition, the new law permits persons with a two-year Non-Compliance (insurance) Suspension to be given an opportunity for privileges. In the event you find yourself in the midst of a two-year Non-Compliance Suspension, you may inquire at the Lyndhurst Municipal Court to determine whether you are now eligible for driving privileges, even if you were previously denied.

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