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September 19, 2012: Finance Committee

The Legislative Committee and Public Lands and Buildings Committee will meet jointly on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 6:45 P.M. to discuss pool admission policies.
Lane A. Schlessel, Chairman
Legislative Committee
Joseph A. Marko, Chairman
Public Lands & Buildings Committee
September 19, 2012: Finance Committee

The Legislative Committee/Public Lands and Buildings Committee was called to order at 7:48PM to discuss pool admissions.
Present were-Joe Marko, Pat Ward, David Frey, and Keith Packard committee members; Chuck LoPresti, Paul Murphy, Chief Porrello, Mary Kovalchik, Julie David and residents.
The discussion centered on abuse of passes such as special needs. 116 special needs passes were issued, 31 were individuals the rest were family members. It was suggested that Special Need passes only include 1 extra pass for the caregiver.
The pool's attendance was up and costs are down with an increase of parties at the Sprayground.
It was noted that the Mayor would like to eliminate reciprocity passes.
Other issues mentioned were:
  • Sprayground nonresident fee increase to $5.00 from $4.00;
  • Swim Team pay increase to $60.00 from $45.00;
  • Lifeguard Training reimbursement needs increased from $150.00 to $300.00;
  • Water Safety Course remove;
  • Mom/Baby to Adult/Baby up to 3 years -2 week sessions adult must accompany child - with 1 adult per child;
  • Increase allowed number of people at pool parties from 100 to 300;
  • City employees get pool passes;
  • Managers switched from salary to hourly.

    It was moved to adjourn the Legislative/Public Lands and Buildings meeting by Joe Marko and seconded by Pat Ward and we were adjourned at 7:57PM
    Submitted by:
    Lane A Schlessel
    Legislative Committee Chairman
    Joseph A. Marko
    Public Lands and Buildings Committee Chairman

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