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August 6, 2012: Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee will meet on Monday, August 6, 2012 immediately following the Special Meeting of Council to discuss Ordinance No. 2012-30.
Lane A. Schlessel, Chairman
Legislative Committee
August 6, 2012: Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee was called to order at 7:25PM to discuss Tabled Ordinance 2010-30 prohibiting the use mobile communications for new drivers under 18 years.
Present were-Joe Marko and Pat Ward committee members and all of council, Paul Murphy, Chief Porrello
The discussion centered around distracted drivers and how strict should the Lyndhurst law be as it relates to the newly passed state law. The committee also reviewed nearby recently passed legislation as a guideline to either amending 2010-30 or defeating it and relying on the new state laws.
It was moved by Pat Ward and Seconded by Joe Marko that we remove 2010-30 from the table and defeat it as a stand-alone ordinance. It was determined that our community will abide by the state law and should our safety force decide they would like us to address tougher regulations we would then re-address the issue at another time. The motion passed.
It was moved to adjourn the legislative meeting by Joe Marko and seconded by Pat Ward and we were adjourned at 7:40PM
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Lane A Schlessel
Legislative Committee Chairman

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