CERT Spring Ongoing Training Well Attended
Released: 5/14/2012
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Lyndhurst CERT held its spring ongoing training session on Saturday April 21rst. At that meeting a Call Out review was held after our team was activated to assist primary responders at the Sherrie Park Apartment fire. The gas leak and subsequent fire extensively damaged one building. As much as $10,000,000 dollars of damage was done. On Thursday evening Lyndhurst CERT members assisted displaced apartment dwellers while they were temporarily housed at the Greens of Lyndhurst. They also assisted apartment dwellers on Friday when they were allowed to return to their apartments to collect a few belongings. Video of the event was shown. Discussion afterward centered on disaster psychology and the need for the general public to be prepared for such a disaster.
The second part of the meeting featured a presentation on Bed Bugs and how not to get bitten. In addition, CERT identification cards, to be used for accountability purposes, were distributed to those in attendance. Responder placards were also made available. The placards are to be stored in your vehicle out of sight, and are only to be displayed when responding to a call out.

Information provided by:
The City of Lyndhurst, Ohio @ www.lyndhurstohio.gov