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May 7, 2012: Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee will meet on Monday, May 7, 2012 at 7:00 P.M. to discuss the proposed smoking ban.
Lane A. Schlessel, Chairman
Legislative Committee
May 7, 2012: Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee met May, 7, 2012.
The Legislative Committee was called to order at 7:03PM by Chairman Lane Schlessel.
All members of the committee were present which are Mr. Ward and Mr. Marko as well as all members of council, the Mayor and the Law Director.
The meeting was called to discuss the introduction of Ordinance 2012-29 being introduced by Vice Mayor David Frey which is a proposed ban on smoking in public spaces.
Reasons for the ordinance:
  • To create a pleasant environment in our park and eliminate second hand smoke
  • The negative influence on children
  • When sitting in a pavilion other can be bothered

    Mr. Packard did raise the question of the footage limit outside of our municipal buildings and this was discussed briefly.
    Mr. Ward questioned if the ordinance was clear enough to include the play grounds and pavilions or was this just meant for municipal buildings and of course what about home days?
    Mr. Schlessel raised the issue of enforceability and how this could actually be accomplished? Also mentioned was the smoking in the park during baseball games as many parents and grandparents while they shouldn't smoke do but typically move away.
    Mayor Cicero commented as safety director he could have signs posted in the areas in question making a statement that they are SMOKE FREE which would hopefully keep many from smoking in place like the stands at baseball games, the playground and pavilions.
    Mr. Ward moved that ordinance 2012-29 be placed on first reading and that Mayor Cicero send a directive as safety director to have the appropriate signs posted in the park NO SMOKING. It was seconded by Mr. Marco and passed.
    Mr. Ward moved to adjourn the legislative committee meeting and it was seconded by Mr. Marko and the meeting was adjourned at 7:27PM.
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