From The Fire Department: Upgrade Your Smoke Detectors Today
Released: 2/11/2011
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While most homes have ionization type smoke detectors, research as shown that ionization smoke detectors are not as effective as photoelectric smoke detectors in detecting smoke early. Ionization smoke detectors are often disabled by homeowners because of excessive false alarms caused by steam or cooking creating a very dangerous situation in the home.
The technology found in photoelectric smoke detectors reduces the incidents of false alarms. In addition photoelectric smoke detectors identify smoke particles earlier than ionization detectors in fires more commonly found in residential homes. The Northeast Ohio Fire Prevention Association is campaigning to have all ionization smoke detectors to be upgraded to photoelectric to help reduce deaths from fire in Ohio.
It is recommended that a smoke detector be placed on every floor and in every bedroom of your home. The smoke detector of choice is photoelectric but at a minimum a combination photoelectric/ionization smoke detector should be considered. In addition, a carbon monoxide detector should be installed outside of bedrooms. It is preferred that carbon monoxide detectors have an LED readout to see the actual level of carbon monoxide and a battery back-up.
If you need assistance installing your smoke detectors or changing the batteries, contact the Lyndhurst Fire Department at 440.473.5139 to schedule an appointment.

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