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December 9, 2010: Civil Service Commission

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December 9, 2010: Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission of the City of Lyndhurst met in Regular Session on Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 8:30 a.m. in the Police Chief's Conference Room of the Lyndhurst Municipal Center, 5301 Mayfield Road. Mr. Raymond Schmidlin, Chairman, presiding.
Members Present:
Commissioners: R. Schmidlin, Chairman, R D Patete, R. Sweeney
Others Present: Paul Murphy, Director of Law; Chief Carroll, Fire Chief; Chief Porrello, Police Chief; Clarice J. White, Secretary.
It was moved by Mr. Patete, seconded by Ms. Sweeney that the minutes of the Special Meeting held November 3, 2010, copies of which were mailed to all members, be dispensed with and said minutes stand approved as circulated.
The question was put to a voice vote and passed unanimously.
Motion carried.
Discussion and preparation of application, advertisement, and information packet for the original appointment exam for the Lyndhurst Fire Department.
The Commission reviewed the ad announcing the original appointment test to be held January 29, 2011.
It was decided that the maximum number of applications accepted will be one hundred fifty (150).
Chief Carroll requested that the rule for appointment eligibility regarding age be expanded to include applicants that are pensioned up to the age of thirty-one.
It was decided that Chief Carroll's request would constitute a change in the Civil Service Rules, and due to time constraints, this request will be reviewed and discussed at a later date.
The Commission then reviewed the information packet given to all candidates once they have turned in an application.
Ms. Sweeney recommended that the first paragraph, titled "Whom We Need" be deleted, and "General Requirements for Applicants" be in its place. Mr. Schmidlin concurred.
Chief Carroll recommended that page 6, Step VII, reflect the edition from which the requirement came. It should read "Firefighters will be required to meet all requirements of the NFPA 1582 2007 Edition, Chapter 6, . . ."
Under "Ability and Skill to:" it was decided to eliminate the word Legibly.
The third line under "Ability and Skill to" paragraph, will read as follows: Complete reports and necessary forms per fire department standards and must have fluent command of written and spoken English. Respond to all hazards, emergencies, including but not limited to medical and fire emergencies.
Under "Salary and Benefits," add five percent (5%) after "Paramedic premium pay."
The fourth bullet point, under "Employment Contract," delete the word "Satisfactority."
Step IV under "Summary" Employment, Character, Background Investigation, Polygraph and/or Certified Voice Stress Analysis, or any other type of truth verification exam as approved by the Commission, will be added.
Discussion continued on maintaining certification with continuing education in the fire department.
The Commission reviewed the one page, "Application for Firefighter/Medic Examination," there were no changes.
The Fire Department Application and Background Information Form was also reviewed, it was recommended that another page be created showing candidates' certification.
In answer to a previously asked question, state code requires that firefighters can be hired between the ages of eighteen (18) and thirty-six (36). It was recommended that this issue be discussed thoroughly at a later date.
Mr. Schmidlin stated that the following item is an addition to the agenda:
Correspondence from Mayor Cicero
November 3, 2010
Mr. Michael Carroll
Lyndhurst Fire Department
5301 Mayfield Road
Lyndhurst OH 44124
Dear Mr. Carroll:
This is to advise that all segments of the examination for Chief of the Lyndhurst Fire Department have been completed by Members of the Lyndhurst Civil Service Commission.
Taking into account the results of the component parts of the examination, the Civil Service Commission has concluded that you, Michael, are the applicant most qualified for the position of Chief and they have so certified to me on November 3, 2010.
Based on Civil Service Commission's recommendation and certification, I hereby appoint you, Michael, Chief of the Lyndhurst Fire Department effective November 3, 2010.
You will be sworn in and will commence your duties as Chief as soon as practicable in accordance with the applicable rules, ordinances and statutes of the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio.
Very truly yours,
Joseph M. Cicero, Jr. Mayor
c: Acting Chief St. John
Civil Service Commission
Chief Carroll distributed information that he would like to see on the upcoming, but not yet scheduled promotional exam for lieutenants and captains. The hand out includes suggested studying materials, test scores breakdowns, and testing dates. He stated that eighteen firefighters are eligible to take the lieutenants test, and three lieutenants are eligible to take the captains test. The hand out also included cost and content for both assessment center and written testing.
It was moved by Mr. Schmidlin, seconded by Mr. Patete that the meeting be adjourned.
The question was put to a voice vote and passed unanimously.
Motion carried, meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.

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