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December 6, 2010: Service and Sewers Committee

The Service & Sewers Committee will meet on Monday, December 6, 2010 at 7:30 P.M. to discuss capital requests for 2011.
Dale J. Fisher, Chairman.
December 6, 2010: Service and Sewers Committee

The Service & Sewers Committee met on Monday, December 6, 2010 at 7:30 P.M. in the Conference Room of the Lyndhurst Municipal Center.
Present were: Committee members Fisher, Frey and Schlessel. Also present were Councilmen Gambatese, LoPresti, Marko and Ward as well as Mayor Cicero, Finance Director Kovalchik, Service Director Glady, City Engineer Filarski, a representative from the SUN MESSENGER and three visitors.
The topic of discussion was to discuss capital requests for 2011. As Chairman of the Committee, I turned the meeting over to our City Engineer, Jeff Filarski to explain the 2011 capital requests for both storm and sanitary sewers for the City of Lyndhurst. For storm sewers, five areas of concern needing funding were proposed. Namely, 1) NPDES Phase 2 Stormwater Plan and Permit - $15,000; 2) Sewer Lateral Repair in Right-of-Way - $40,000; 3) Manhole and catch basin repair - $50,000; 4) Catch basin cleaning - $25,000; 5) Erosion control where required - $25,000, for a subtotal of $155,000 for storm sewers.
For the sanitary sewers there were three areas of concern needing funding. Namely, 1) Annual sewer rehabilitation (Brainard Road Station and Force Pump Main - $635,000; 2) Backflow preventer to be installed on individual homes - $10,000; 3) Clubside Road sewer outlet - $130,000 for a subtotal of $775,000 for sanitary sewers.
Jeff Filarski also informed us that we were very close to receiving a grant of $127,000 from the Ohio Public Works Commission Issue One funds which would be applied toward the Brainard Road Pump Station and Force Main Sanitary Sewer project. Jeff went on to discuss that project and how it would satisfy a major concern the EPA has with the City's sanitary sewers. Once completed a backup generator powered by natural gas would insure that the pump station would operate during power failures. The only outstanding issue on the project is that the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District needs to approve a tie in with the Mayfield Road sanitary sewer. Jeff also discussed issues related to the Clubside Road Sewer Outlet including horizontal drilling under Euclid Creek in Mayfield Country Club to construct a new bypass sanitary sewer line that would bypass the current line which is in bad shape on the Peter B. Lewis property.
I then turned the meeting over to Service Director, Rick Glady, who discussed his four capital requests. The first project for the front end loader has already been approved by Council. All four projects with their individual costs and explanations are found on the attached sheet and need no further explanations. The grand total for the Service Department's 2011 capital requests is $260,000. A motion was made to approve all of the 2011 capital requests for all of the Sewer and Service department items listed pending availability of funds and the committee unanimously approved the motion.
With no further business, the committee meeting adjourned at 7:56 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,
Dale J. Fisher, Chairman
Service & Sewers Committee

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