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September 20, 2010: Public Lands and Buildings Committee

Public Lands & Buildings Committee will meet on Monday, September 20, 2010 immediately following the Legislative Committee meeting to discuss the pool operations for the past season.
David A. Frey, Chairman
September 20, 2010: Public Lands and Buildings Committee

The Public Lands & Buildings Committee met on Monday, September 20th, 2010 at 7:15 P.M. Present were Committee members Councilman Frey, Councilman Ward and Councilman Marko. Also present were Councilman Fisher, Councilman Schlessel, Councilman Gambatese, Councilman LoPresti, Mayor Cicero, Director of Finance Mary Kovalchik, and Pool Director Julie David.
The meeting was called to review the Pool Operations for the 2010 Pool season. Committee Chair, Councilman Frey began the meeting with a review of the Pool Pass sales and attendance figures for 2010 as compiled by the Director of Finance.
The items reviewed included, all pass sales, reciprocity passes, daily admissions and overall Pool revenue. While most of the figures that were reviewed remained flat in comparison with the 2009 Pool season, one item of particular interest was the increase in the daily admissions for both residents and non residents. It was felt that most of this increase came from the hotter weather and the deletion of the Camp pass, requiring day Camps to pay the daily admission at the gate.
The committee also reviewed the Pool attendance and revenue trends dating back to 2003, noting that the trend showed attendance declining in 2006 to 2009 pool seasons and returning to what appears to be a "normalized" level in 2010. The committee also reviewed the attendance figures on a daily and hourly basis for the 2010 season alone. A review of the revenue vs. expenditures showed that revenues have remained relatively flat for the past six years with only minor increases or decreases in a given pool season, however, expenditures were shown to be trending downward as the city has sought ways to control expenses, through the closing of Brainard Pool and other various cost containment measures.
After the overall operational review, the committee discussed various complaints that have been heard throughout the season. Those complaints can be categorized into, overcrowding, lack of pool etiquette, and issues with the day camps. The Mayor stated that a majority of the complaints that he hears could be resolved by eliminating the Camps, non resident admission and reciprocity with South Euclid. The committee discussed some of the issues with the day camps including the number of Counselors to Camper ratio and the number of incidents. It was brought to the committee's attention that the Kiddie Co is only sending 1 counselor for every 16 kids which lead to a discussion on whether there was any type of minimum ratio that should be imposed.
The Finance Director provided some policy statistics from 9 neighboring pools, stating that 2 of the 9 pools allow all camps to use the facilities and 7 allow only camps from that city. Two pools, Beachwood and Wickliffe do not allow non residents and 7 of the other pools did sell a non resident pass. None of the other pools have any type of reciprocity agreement with another community.
The Committee reviewed the incident statistics for the season to see if there was any trend with a particular group (i.e. residents, non-residents, day camps) or apparatus at the pool and found that the incident rate was spread across all groups and all parts of the pool.
In reference to some complaints he has heard, Councilman Gambatese asked the Pool Director about opening up the baby pool during adult swim. The Pool director stated that it would be hard to keep kids in one particular area of the pool and that that time was also used for some private lessons. The Pool Director also stated that most adults come for some quiet time to cool off and swim laps and would not want kids making noise.
Based on the discussions at this meeting, the committee asked for recommendations to minimize the number of complaints and work to increase the efficiency of pool operations going forward. Those recommendations to be discussed at a future meeting included adopting a policy on the Camper/Counselor ratio, revisiting the reciprocity agreement and looking at how we handle non-resident admissions.
Councilman Ward made a motion to adjourn the meeting with Councilman Marko seconding the motion.
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:55 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,
David A. Frey, Chairman

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