City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Board of Zoning Appeals
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July 12, 2010: Board of Zoning Appeals

To meet in Regular Session on Monday, July 12, 2010, at 7:30 p.m., in the Council Chamber of the Lyndhurst Municipal Center, 5301 Mayfield Road.
Members: Frank Koss, Chairman; David Bader, Kimberly Colich, Frank Novak, Russell Warren.
Others: Paul Murphy, Director of Law; Larry Puskas, Building Inspector; Joe Mandato, Housing Inspector; Clarice J. White, Acting Secretary.
Approve minutes of the Regular Meeting held April 12, 2010.
Case No. 2010-03:
Request of David Gustwiller, 1384 Brainard Road for a variance from Chapter 1323.03 of the Building and Housing Code, to allow a driveway widening addition, to encroach a full eighteen (18") inches into the required eighteen (18") inch side yard setback.
NOTE: Chapter 1323.03 Width in Residential Districts, states in part "any widening or addition shall not come closer than eighteen (18") inches to a side yard property line in the case of an attached garage."
Case No. 2010-04:
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Boals, 1392 Croyden Road are seeking a variance from the front yard setback requirements, as defined in 1160.05 (a). They are seeking to construct a deck that will encroach eleven (11') feet into the fifty (50') foot front setback as defined for Croyden Road. The deck has been partially constructed. Construction has ceased at the request of the Lyndhurst Building Department.
July 12, 2010: Board of Zoning Appeals

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