From The Building Department
Released: 5/17/2010
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High Grass and Blighted Properties
The City of Lyndhurst Building Department has begun their yearly sweep of the city looking for high grass and blighted properties. Each year our inspectors send out notices to property owners for high grass and or weeds above eight inches. We understand that there are many valid reasons why grass and or weeds are sometimes left uncut; broken lawnmowers, personal illness, or other unforeseen circumstances. We encourage you call us and keep in contact with us if there are legitimate reasons. If left uncut a three day notice will be mailed out to the property once a season. This gives the owner sufficient time to cut the grass or weeds. Failure to comply will result in the City Of Lyndhurst cutting the grass and or weeds and billing you $200.00 for the service. Under section 1385.03, no future notice need to be given for the same violation.
Furthermore, this is the City's second year of using its nuisance ordinance for blighted homes where grass or clean-ups cost under $2000.00. If a property owner fails to comply with the Building Department letters to abate the problem(s), the City hires a contractor to abate it at the property owner's expense. The owner will be given 30 days to pay the bill for both grass and nuisances. If not paid within that period, we then assess the cost to the property taxes. Further information can be found on our website at Look under ordinance 1385.23. Please be kind to your neighbors and let's keep our community looking great together.

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