From The Building Department: Recreational Vehicles Ordinance Amendment
Released: 4/12/2010
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At its council meeting held Monday, April 5, 2010, council adopted Ordinance No. 2009-63 (Amended).
This ordinance amended the existing ordinance regulating recreational vehicles. If you are a recreational vehicle owner, you will need to familiarize yourself with the changes as follows:
Parking of Recreational Vehicles: Regulations
1. Recreational equipment with the exception of motor homes may only be parked on residential property in the City between the dates of May 1 through October 1. Winter recreational vehicles (IE: snowmobiles) may be parked between November 15 through March 15. Motor homes may only be parked on residential property for a maximum of 10 days for loading/unloading, cleaning, charging or preparing the motor home.
2. Recreational equipment parked shall not have fixed connection to electric, water, gas or sanitary sewer facilities (except for temporary connections to prepare or recharge) and at no time shall this equipment be used for living or sleeping purposes.
3. If the recreational equipment is parked outside of a garage it must be parked on a hard surface driveway or turnabout approved by the City.
4. All recreational equipment must be kept in good repair, including, but not limited to, coverings and paint finish and must carry a current year's license or registration and not a commercial registration.
5. No recreational vehicle parked may extend into or within 10 feet of the public right of way.
6. No more than one recreational vehicle shall be parked outside of a completely enclosed structure on any property within the city.
7. Upon notice to the Police Department, exceptions to these parking restrictions are permitted to facilitate loading or unloading or to accommodate parkingof a recreational vehicle owned by guests of City residents for a period of time not to exceed ten days.
8. No recreational vehicle shall be parked unless it is titled to or leased and used exclusively by one of the permanent occupants of the residential property upon which the recreational vehicle is located.
Storage of Recreational Vehicles: Regulations
1. Between October 1 and April 30 recreational equipment may not be parked on residential property within the City and must be stored. No person shall store recreational equipment on any street or highway on public or private property within the City, except within a garage or on a hard stand surface approved by the City screened from public view so as not to be a nuisance to the public or to abutting property owners.
These regulations are in effect and subject to enforcement.

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